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Program: The Emotion Code Healing

What is The Emotion Code?

A Simple and Transformative energy healing method created by Dr. Bradley Nelson, The Emotion Code helps you:

  • Quickly release the trapped emotions and emotional baggage that disrupt the flow of energy inside your body, so that you can gradually get relief from physical discomforts and start to restore your health. 
  • Find and tear down your “Heart-wall” that your body has “put up” to protect you from past wounds, so that you are ready to give and receive love again. 
  • Live a life free from trapped emotions, enjoy better health and receive more abundance.
The Emotion Code can also:
  • Apply to animals. 
  • Conduct at a distance (remote healing) or via proxy. 
  • Provide healing for your past and future generations.

The Emotion Code eliminates trapped emotions in adults, children & pets.


"Esther was able to unlock some deep and unrealised emotions using the Emotional Code technique. I was very impressed at her professionalism, but also her caring, thoughtful nature. I felt well supported and confident in the way she kept at it, until she found what was needed. Thank you Esther for helping me accept, and move forward now with ease and grace. "
Tania Parker
Kinesiologist, Homeopathy
"Esther’s welcome and warm, creates safety for doing the emotion code work. Esther guided me gently and intuitively through the process in a thoughtful and caring manner. I find shs has the perfect balance between professionalism and deep care. I would recommend Esther to anyone."
Peach Darvall
Hakomi Psychotherapist

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1st session (90 min): A$150 (in Australian Dollars)
Follow up sessions (60 min): A$120 (in Australian Dollars)

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